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Spine Surgery

MediPark provides an inclusive treatment to the patients suffering from spinal ailments. The spine specialist provides advanced diagnosis and treatment facilities to ensure speedy and painless recovery. Spine injuries are typically serious because of being close to the brain, we thus provide the patients with the best spine specialist in Patna. The doctors here help the patients stabilize and provide 24 x 7 care. 

Not all patients require spinal surgeries. Many of the cases can be resolved with physical therapies, spinal injections, medical management or a combination of these. MediPark consists of a devoted team who are specialized in all kinds of physical therapies and spinal surgeries. There are still a few cases which require surgeries. They may vary from setting up a crooked spine or stabilizing an unstable spine. Pressure on the nerves could be yet another reason for surgeries. Severe pain in the back or neck, which cannot be relieved by painkillers can also be a reason for the need of surgery.


A spine surgery involves placing implants inside the body. It has to be performed under a close guidance of spine surgeons. MediPark provides the best spine surgeon in Patna to provide proper health care services to the patients. Spinal fusion is one of the most common types of surgeries performed for chronic nonspecific back pain. The doctors in this surgery join the spinal bones called vertebrae so that the motion between them gets limited. Smoking makes this more complex and the patient might need another operation to fix it.

Disk replacement is another type of surgery that removes the damaged spinal disk and replaces it with an artificial one. The recovery period is shorter than that for the spinal fusion, but might require repair in the future. The biggest risk of a back surgery is to not know if it will help with your problem. It is thus suggested to first talk openly with the doctor and share the atrocities. MediPark is dedicated to the evaluation and treatment of patients suffering from spinal injuries and disorders. 

Spinal surgery complications are rare, but it is important to be informed. We believe in giving our patients full information about the implications that could occur during or after the surgery. In spinal cases, it becomes essential to maximize treatment outputs. Our faculty has the highest level of expertise and experience to address the medical cases and needs of the patients.  The spine doctors give their best to provide a one stop centre for therapies and surgeries. They are capable of delivering the highest standard of spine care. Patient safety and wellness in the foremost principle of MediPark.