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Anaesthesia and Critical Care

The Department of Anaesthesia at MediPark Hospital provides 24-hour service to all its patients to facilitate surgeries, obstetrics, and certain diagnostic or therapeutic procedures. Our team of critical care management includes certified anaesthetics to take care of the patients and provide necessary support to them. They provide early life-saving interventions to the critical patients.

Medical emergencies are increasing day by day, and hospitals encounter a number of cases with an acute illness which requires adequate resources, well-equipped care units and emergency rooms with trained and highly experienced doctors to look after these cases with compassion and care. MediPark Hospital is well-equipped with latest healthcare equipments and critical care unit to provide best patient care.

The discipline integrates many other specialties and diverse technologies, holding on the patient with a hope of survival. The treatment requires the teamwork of agile doctors and nurses with paramedics and sufficient trust in them. MediPark Hospital excels in every department to provide best support to the patients.

The team of anaesthetists at MediPark check and evaluate the procedures to assess the health conditions and provide necessary assistance and coverage in the form of pre-hospital care until the patient is transferred to the Intensive Care Unit. We provide round the clock service to critical cases. The post-surgery care with pain management in the ICUs under the guidance and with consult of specialists is also processed by this department. We emphasize on patient’s wellness and safety. The department understands the pain of its patients and thus makes sure, they get the right amount of anaesthesia both pre-surgery and post-surgery.

Every member of the anaesthesia care unit works in a direction to make the patient’s health count in every procedure. They work with a team of other doctors who may be a radiologist, cardiologists or a paediatric. Once the surgery is done, it is the responsibility of the team to keep the pain in check and the patient comfortable. Their wellness is our prime motive, everything else follows. MediPark Hospital gives you the best critical care you deserve.

Services Offered:

  • Emergency and ICU managemen
  • Administration of anesthesia in all sub specialtie
  • Anesthesia for painless delivery (epidural analgesia
  • Preoperative medical evaluation
  • Neuro-anesthesia
  • Pediatrics anesthesia
  • Management of acute and chronic pain
  • Anesthesia for radiology, endoscopy and dentistry outside OT.

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