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The department of bariatric surgery at MediPark Hospital specializes in weight loss surgery and all the other surgeries related to abdomen, hernia, breast, fat control etc. This division provides comprehensive surgical consultation and cares in different subspecialties including colon and rectal and trauma.

According to a survey by National Institute of Health Consensus conference, surgery is the only long term and effective treatment for weight loss which results in improvement and resolution of co-morbid conditions, improved quality of life and self-esteem and increase in longevity. The actual weight that a patient can lose after the surgery depends on a few factors, which include their age, weight before the surgery, their overall health, the surgical procedure, their ability to exercise, their commitment to follow diet chart and their in-built motivation.

Gastric bypass surgery and other weight loss surgeries make changes to the digestive system to help lose weight by limiting your diet capacity by reducing the absorption of nutrients. The fat loss surgery and bariatric surgery options are preferred only when diet and exercise have failed in providing the expected results, and when patients have serious health problems because of weight.

There are many stomach reduction surgeries which are together called bariatric surgery. The most common of it all is a gastric bypass, as it generally has fewer complications than other surgeries. These surgeries can, however, have severe risks and side effects. Also, healthy changes in diet and regular exercise becomes a must after the surgery for its long term success. MediPark offers a compatible and highly experienced team of doctors to look after the health and wellness of their patients. Fat loss surgeries reduce the risk of life-threatening diseases that might occur because of excessive weight.


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