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CT Scan

Computed Tomography (CT Scan) is the process of imaging where a thin X-ray beam rotates around the body. Done with the help of a computer to analyze the data for a cross sectional image, the result is viewed on the monitor and then filmed. The CT scan machine is exclusively used to image the whole body of the patient. They are frequently used to evaluate the abnormalities such as blocked vessels. They can also be used to locate infections and tumors.

The CT Scan department of MediPark Hospital works faster so that it offers the art of scanning the scheduled appointments and urgent and emergency patients. We work with the goal to offer service the very same day for our referred patients. As the patient registers with the hospital, he is taken to the resident doctor, who notes down the detailed briefing and the old reports if any.

According to the protocol, the patient is asked for any query regarding the scan. In case of emergency scanning, a provisional report is handed over to the patients for immediate consultation.

A CT Scan lets the doctor see better results and diagnose to manage the condition. It may be used to check for diseases and cause of causalities such as blood clots in the lungs or brains or appendicitis.

For a successful treatment, a CT scan becomes necessary. MediPark Hospital has the best CT scan center in Patna, which offers the most reliable and cost-effective center. The CT Scan department is well equipped with the machines and technology to provide the best experience of the scan in the city.

Our Services:
  • Care of the elderly
  • Woman and Child care
    • Well-woman care, Sexual health , reproductive counselling, family planning, Pregnancy testing
    • Child health surveillance ,Routine care of newborns, children, adolescents
  • Care for chronic conditions, such as diabetes, asthma and heart disease, chronic lung problems
  • Minor surgical procedures : Suturing, wound dressing, abscess drainage
  • Mental and behavioral health care
  • Bone and joint care
  • Simple eye and Ear, nose and throat care
  • Prescribing X-rays and USG
  • Immunizations ( Vaccines)
  • Care of the urinary system
  • Flu immunization
  • Review of medication an repeat prescription
  • Stop smoking support
  • Management of obesity