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Dental Care

The dental care department at MediPark Hospital offers best dental care services to all age groups, children, teens and adults with all the required health care needs. Routine health checkups, special diagnostic procedures and expert treatments are special features of the dental care department at our hospital. We are committed to offer quality dental care and excellent patient service. With highly experienced oral surgeons, we specialize in improving the dental care for our patients by providing a full range of dental services.

We have separate rooms for clean and dirty utilities and for storage, infection control is something we give the first priority. A clean room and safe environment for the patients is our major concern. Dental practices such as preventive dentistry, periodontics (gum treatment), Prosthodontics (dentures, crowns, bridges), oral surgery, removable orthodontics, implants, pediatric dentistry, cosmetic dentistry etc are offered by our department.

MediPark multispecialty hospital also provides an emergency dental care to the patients with round the clock presence of dentists and treatment facilities. The dentist also works in regard to help your children maintain a healthy and clean tooth and evaluate the risk of a tooth decay. It includes x-rays and other diagnostic procedures and various protective measures such as sealants or fluoride treatments. Children’s diet and oral hygiene habits like proper brushing and flossing techniques play an important role in maintaining a healthy gum. Preventing oral injuries for adolescents and health risks associated with tobacco, substance abuse and oral

Going beyond the call of duty, we make sure none of the patients suffer because of reasons from our end. Oral health is most important for an overall good health. A trusted dental care is what helps you keep your dental health in check. It is advisable to brush your teeth twice daily and floss at least once a day. MediPark Hospital excels in dental services caring the most for its patients.

  • Hyper myopia or long sightedn
  • Myopia or shortsightedness
  • Astigmatism or cylindrical vision.
  • Eye disease & management: Ophthalmologists perform the same by a detailed examination of the retina by performing Ophthalmoscopy. Medical management and surgical treatments are offered for the following retinal defects, infections or diseases.
  • Diagnostic procedures
  • Standard Eye Exame
  • Slit-lamp examination.
  • Ultrasounds B scan