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It is a well-known fact that a healthy skin reflects a healthy body. Therefore, it is very important to take great care of your skin as unhealthy skin conditions can be a sign of threat to your physical and mental health. If you are having any of the signs & symptoms of a skin disease, it becomes absolutely necessary to see a dermatologist and get it treated without any delay.

The dermatologists at the MediPark Hospital offer expert consultation and recommend a tailored treatment plan to help you restore a healthy skin. From regular hormonal breakouts to dry and rough skin in the winters, there are certain problems that persist and can have a huge impact if not treated on time.

A skin specialist is a doctor who has knowledge and experience in everything medically related to the skin, nails and hair. The skin doctor is an expert in treating problems related to them, like acne, eczema, skin and psoriasis. Scars left by acne, skin pigmentation issues or signs of ageing, such as wrinkles and age spots can be treated by a dermatologist. The doctors at MediPark are one of the best dermatologists in Patna, who work tirelessly with a wide range of sophisticated techniques, to look after these conditions

The best skin specialist would first diagnose the type of skin problem, whether it is a normal allergy or any severe case like skin cancer or a skin tumor. MediPark Hospital specializes in the management of contact dermatitis and other inflammatory skin diseases that may be infectious as well. The team of doctors and nurses at MediPark Hospital excels in the interpretation of skin biopsies. They also manage skin pigment disorders, cosmetic disorders and allergic skin conditions. Skin problems and conditions must get the best advice and treatment. MediPark Hospital provides one-stop solution for all your skin related conditions and problems.

What We Treat and Procedures We Perform:

  • The common '5' skin conditions of Warts, Impetigo, Psoriasis, Ringworm (fungal skin infections) and Vitiligo.
  • Allergic Skin conditions
  • Bullous (Blistering) disease of skin, mouth, and eyes
  • Immune, Autoimmune, & Rheumatic skin diseases
  • Skin pigment disorders
  • Following treatment and services in Dermatology are available at our centers

  • General Dermatology : Treatment of the common ‘5’ conditions, Eczema, Hair loss, Allergic skin reactions, Moles, Nail disorders, Rashes, Skin infections
  • Lab Services: Special tests for the diagnosis of many immunity related skin conditions
  • Laser & Cosmetic Dermatology ( at select centers)
  • Specialties: Brown Spots & Sun Damage, Hair Removal, Leg Veins, Rosacea & Facial Redness (Capillaries)
  • Procedures: Hair Removal, Microneedling, , microdermabrasion, Treatment of Keloid and hypertrophic scars
  • Personalized acne treatment (with appropriate lifestyle changes) for acne in children, adolescents and in women (associated with Polycystic Ovarian Disease (PCOD)) - Acne scar removal including use of peels for scars
  • Pediatric Dermatology: Acne, Birthmarks, Eczema, Genetic skin conditions, Hemangiomas, Moles, skin infections
  • Management of Psoriasis
  • Our Specialists


    Dr.Kunal Sinha

    MD  (SKIN) & VD