Skin Treatment Hospital in Patna | MediPark Hospital

Healthy skin can reflect a healthy body. We understand that skin conditions can be distressing, uncomfortable and affect your confidence. The team of dermatologists at Medipark offers consultations and recommend a tailored treatment plan to help restore the health of your skin. We see patients of all ages — from newborns to older people.

If you have a healthy skin that means you have a healthy body. Your friend may guess about your health after seeing your skin because healthy body is reflected by healthy skin. Having a critical condition of your skin like distressing etc may be low down your confidence level and you may feel uncomfortable and may be depressed due to i

What We Treat and Procedures We Perform:

  • The common '5' skin conditions of Warts, Impetigo, Psoriasis, Ringworm (fungal skin infections) and Vitiligo.
  • Allergic Skin conditions
  • Bullous (Blistering) disease of skin, mouth, and eyes
  • Immune, Autoimmune, & Rheumatic skin diseases
  • Skin pigment disorders
  • Following treatment and services in Dermatology are available at our centers

  • General Dermatology : Treatment of the common ‘5’ conditions, Eczema, Hair loss, Allergic skin reactions, Moles, Nail disorders, Rashes, Skin infections
  • Lab Services: Special tests for the diagnosis of many immunity related skin conditions
  • Laser & Cosmetic Dermatology ( at select centers)
  • Specialties: Brown Spots & Sun Damage, Hair Removal, Leg Veins, Rosacea & Facial Redness (Capillaries)
  • Procedures: Hair Removal, Microneedling, , microdermabrasion, Treatment of Keloid and hypertrophic scars
  • Personalized acne treatment (with appropriate lifestyle changes) for acne in children, adolescents and in women (associated with Polycystic Ovarian Disease (PCOD)) - Acne scar removal including use of peels for scars
  • Pediatric Dermatology: Acne, Birthmarks, Eczema, Genetic skin conditions, Hemangiomas, Moles, skin infections
  • Management of Psoriasis