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Dietetics and nutrition

MediPark Hospital is passionate in constantly upgrading the knowledge of its patients and clients because it believes that it is important for a nation to be healthy to be strong and productive. We are committed to improve the patient’s health through dietics, and not only through tablets and injections. All nutritional deficiencies can be treated with a proper diet. India is carrying both deficiencies, where someone is mal-nourished and someone is obese.

We provide comprehensive nutritional care based on assessment and interaction with the patients, and suggest a diet after a complete research of their medical background. We have the best dietician in Patna, who provide an array of patientcare service, including nutritional assessment and recommendations. Developing effective therapies and diets play a major role in maintaining proper health and well-being of an individual. We thrive to work towards building a healthy and wealthy city. We also have health workers and nurses

The department is progressive and fully committed to work towards the health issues in cases like oncology, pediatric nutrition cases. We identify goals and achieve them with all the care and nutritional practice we can. Being patient-centric is not a goal, it is the core of our existence.

We have a team of highly experienced dieticians who deliver without failing, catering to the needs of all the in-patients and out-patients. We are the health care providers whose goal is the patient’s overall wellness and nutritional uplifting. We work towards establishing and encouraging a good nutritional practice and standards. Our philosophy is working with compassion for the benefits of the patients and their health. The need for the dieticians are on rise, recognizing this need and demand, we have a team of dieticians who keep guiding the in-patients and out-patients with professional tips and diet plans.