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24 X 7 Emergency and Trauma Centre

MediPark Hospital guarantees its patients the highest levels of skills, care, expertise, and best healthcare infrastructure. The 24-hour care format responds quickly and yields results that are beneficial to the patients. Easy access to best trauma surgeons in Patna, the emergency and trauma center at MediPark Hospital is capable of providing best emergency and trauma care. We value each minute of our patients and know that it is critical. MediPark Hospital guarantees the best first-hand treatment to all the patients in the emergency and trauma care 24x7. The care process has to be smooth and efficient, ensuring this, our doctors and nurses work in regard to patient’s wellness.

We provide specialized medical services and resources to the patients suffering from traumatic disorders or injuries. The trauma centers must be prepared to deal with the most serious and life-threatening injuries as they need instant care. These departments do not provide long term care, but the treatment aims at the long term outcome. MediPark Hospital has the best emergency and trauma center in Patna to provide the best patient care in all types of emergency cases.

The knowledge and skills of the doctors at MediPark Hospital include surgical procedures, trauma resuscitation, advanced cardiac life support, and management. The issues and conditions may vary from a fractured bone to a heart attack. The department is equipped with the required technologies and emergency medicine physicians, nurses, and other medical experts who handle a variety of conditions. They are available 24x7 for patient’s care and wellness.

MediPark Hospital comes under the top trauma centers in Patna. It is known for its cost-effective treatment and care by the best doctors of Patna to ensure that the patient returns home with a healthy smile on its face. We have handled several emergency cases, where the threat was directly on the patient’s life. We also provide free ambulance service in case of emergencies.