Specialities And Services


Medipark offers a range of eye care services. Equipped with the state of the art technology and doctors of national and international repute. The Institute has the mission to deliver medical expertise of excellence

Eye Check Up: It is a detailed examination of the eyes which includes the assessment of the Vision, Diseases, Infections, Risk factors, Counseling, Refraction check, Intra ocular pressure management and Retinal evaluation.

Refraction Errors & Corrections: Detailed eye examinations are done to check the slight alterations in vision. Uncorrected and undiagnosed refractive errors in vision can lead to permanent eye damage in children and can also cause lazy vision and squinting of eyes. The ophthalmologists check your eye vision for 3 types of errors

  • Hyper myopia or long sightedn
  • Myopia or shortsightedness
  • Astigmatism or cylindrical vision.
  • Eye disease & management: Ophthalmologists perform the same by a detailed examination of the retina by performing Ophthalmoscopy. Medical management and surgical treatments are offered for the following retinal defects, infections or diseases.
  • Diagnostic procedures
  • Standard Eye Exame
  • Slit-lamp examination.
  • Ultrasounds B scan