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General medicine respiratory medicine

Medipark general physicians not only believe in care but overall wellness. We give you the convenience of booking appointments online or via a phone call so that you can get expert care just when you need it. Walkin to Medipark Hospital and experience care at unbelievably affordable prices.

At Medipark Healthcare, we believe that long-term good health can come only through an ongoing, personal relationship that focuses on integrated care. We will help you stay healthy with an individualized plan of care. In conditions that require care from another specialist, our team of experienced FPs will guide you and coordinate all aspects of your care. They will work with you at all times to achieve the best possible outcomes in the most cost-effective manner. In addition to diagnosing and treating illness, they will provide preventive care, including routine checkups, immunization and screening tests, and personalized counselling on maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Our FPs will also manage chronic illness, often coordinating care provided by other specialists.

GP treat/perform the following conditions and procedures:
  • Care of the elderly
  • Woman and Child care
    • Well-woman care, Sexual health , reproductive counselling, family planning, Pregnancy testing
    • Child health surveillance ,Routine care of newborns, children, adolescents
  • Care for chronic conditions, such as diabetes, asthma and heart disease, chronic lung problems
  • Minor surgical procedures : Suturing, wound dressing, abscess drainage
  • Mental and behavioral health care
  • Bone and joint care
  • Simple eye and Ear, nose and throat care
  • Prescribing X-rays and USG
  • Immunizations ( Vaccines
  • Care of the urinary system
  • Flu immunization
  • Review of medication an repeat prescription
  • Stop smoking support
  • Management of obesity