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Intensive Care (ICU, CCU, PICU, NICU)

The Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at MediPark Hospital is a multi-disciplinary department, which is made up of highly experienced doctors and nurses and is equipped with the latest healthcare equipment to provide critical care to the patients. The department of ICU is equipped with a variety of medical and surgical care for the patients.

High-end care is important for people with severe illness. The patients include the ones who undergo an invasive surgery or might have poor outcomes after surgery, who might have been severely injured in an accident or have been serious with infections or have breathing trouble among many other cases.

The ICU at the MediPark Hospital is constantly looked after and is monitored by a highly specialized team, under the guidance of consultants, physiotherapists, dieticians and nurses, each with specialist knowledge and skills. The trained specialists provide round the clock care and monitoring with a high ratio of nurses to patients, each of them is highly experienced and trained.

The department of ICU plays a pivotal role, ranging from regular blood tests to serving them with drugs and diets, from checking on the blood pressure to providing 24x7

Patients feel comfortable and secure under special care and treatment in an ICU, the special wards staffed with trained healthcare professionals and sophisticated monitoring equipments. Most patients in the ICU have problems with more than one organ and thus need an extensive care.

The patients in the ICU vary in ages, they may be a child or an elderly person, who needs critical care, medication or surgical treatments. The goal of the care units is to give care to patients with complex needs. The ICU department is a professional body responsible for treating patients who are severely ill in the right direction. MediPark Hospital has the best ICU care in Patna for patients of all ages.