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The MediPark Hospital’s Nephrology department deals with all minor and major disorders and complications related to kidneys. MediPark is the best kidney hospital in Patna with professional nephrologists who work closely with physical and occupational therapists to develop a comprehensive and individualized treatment plan. The kidney specialists at MediPark Hospital provide a full spectrum of services and treatments to the ailing patients. With this multidisciplinary approach to care, our nephrologists and nurses work as a team and offer a range of healthcare services like dialysis, blood pressure management, medication and surgery. We expertise in kidney transplant weather it is a common or a complex case. Our department is also supported by dialysis services for critical patients at any stage. Many chronic and systematic diseases, such as diabetes and hypertension lead to kidney disorders, which include acute injury, kidney infections and kidney stones. There is a fast growing need for renal medicine and best nephrologists in Patna. The nephrologists might perform a kidney biopsy to evaluate any of the disease or disorder, like blood in the urine or any other urinary problems.

MediPark is a kidney specialist hospital in Patna, which provides an end to end care to their patients and manage their kidney problems through end-stage renal failure. A nephrologist needs to provide care in coordination with primary care physicians and other health professionals. The treatment for kidney failure includes dialysis and may also require transplantation. Our team conducts several blood and urine tests to determine what type of treatment is needed for the kidney disorder. Our team of care invests their time and expertise in helping the patients manage their kidney health.

We at MediPark Hospital use the latest technology and equipments to treat kidney diseases. Our holistic approach looks after the different treatment modalities depending on the stage of the disease. The integrated team of doctors and nurses ensures that every patient receives the most advanced care and treatment using latest medical technologies and equipments. MediPark is one of the best kidney hospitals in Patna and provides permanent treatment to your kidney related diseases. We serve our patients with the best kidney specialists for the first-string caretaker for any type of renal issue.

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