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MediPark Hospital works tirelessly to help their patients recover from ailments. The neurosurgeons at MediPark are specialized and trained in performing surgeries of the adult as well as children. We at MediPark are well equipped with technologies and top neurosurgeons to deal with complex cases of brain disorders. A good care is only possible with a dedicated team of experienced doctors and nurses who work day and night to serve the patients well.

Such neurological diseases can have a number of causes, including lifestyle related problems, infections, physical injuries, nutrition related problems, may also be genetic or environmental problems. These defects can sometimes damage the entire nervous system and result in dysfunction. There may be variations in symptoms, sometimes it may be emotional and sometimes may be physical. Neurosurgery becomes essential in cases which cannot be treated with medicines and therapies.

If left untreated, the diseases may have long term effects on the body, which differ depending on the severity of the case. More than half of such patients suffer from depression in these conditions. It therefore becomes important to deal with the problem and seek medical help. Neurosurgery usually has multiple purposes, treating tumour is one of the most common reasons. MediPark offers you the best brain surgery in Patna, accompanied by the best doctors and latest equipments. Since there are complications with the treatment, to avoid any risk MediPark has top neurologists in Patna.

MediPark also deals with diseases like epilepsy, where the nerve cell activity in the brain gets disturbed causing seizures. Our Neurosurgery department has a specialized team of doctors who deal with cases with compassion. Neurosurgery has developed majorly in the past few years and treatment is now available to people. Though it is sometimes not safe to remove the whole of tumour, brain doctors do as much as possible to save their patients. We use some of the top innovative and minimally invasive techniques for our patients.

It is important to learn that neurosurgery can’t be performed in all the cases. If the tumour is close to the brain, it becomes risky to perform the surgery. In such cases, doctors need to resort to other medical treatments. MediPark believes in making their patients fully aware of the details of treatment, it is obvious to have multiple questions and it is the duty of the doctor to make every point clear before the treatment starts. Understanding neurological problems is necessary, dealing with it professionally is the need. We thus offer you the best neurosurgeon in Patna for comprehensive health care.

We provide better treatment facility for the following

  • Brain Tumour spinal cord and the peripheral nervous system.
  • Epilepsy
  • Headache Migraine, Cluster Headache, Tension Headache
  • Parkinson Disease
  • Brain trauma (Head Injury)
  • Brain trauma (Head Injury)
  • Brain haemorrhage (Clot Formation)
  • Stroke (Brain Infections)
  • Trigeminal neuralgia
  • Acoustic tumours
  • Aneurysm / av malformation treatment

Our Specialists


Dr. Ram Kumar



Dr. Brajesh Kumar

MS   (General Surgery),  MCH (Neurosurgery)


Dr. Shashwat Kumar