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MediPark Hospital offers a range of eye care services to its patients. The institute works with the mission to deliver medical expertise with excellence. The hospital is equipped with all the latest equipment and technology to provide you with the eye care you require, right from eye check-up to refraction errors and corrections.

It is important to get your eyes checked by a professional to make sure if the eyesight needs care. Eye health is critical and must be given much attention, thus finding the right eye care provider is precarious. An ophthalmologist does the detailed examination of the eyes, including the assessment of the alteration in the vision, disease, infections, risk factor if any and refraction check among others. MediPark Hospital excels in providing compassionate care to the patients with the best eye surgeon in Patna, who have completed 12-13 years of training, education and practice in the field. The ophthalmologists at MediPark Hospital offers complete end-to-end care on a wider and broader range of conditions and eye disorders, which general opticians don’t.

Uncorrected and undiagnosed refractive errors in the vision can lead to permanent eye damage in children and can also cause lazy vision and squinting of the eyes. MediPark Hospital has the best eye surgeons in Patna, who check your vision for any type of disorders or conditions. Medical and surgical treatment of such diseases involve the visual system and awareness of ocular manifestation of diseases, which are an integral part of the practice of ophthalmologists.

We at MediPark Hospital have highly trained and experienced nurses to provide medical care and support to the patients. We also treat diseases like myopia or hyper myopia, which is sort and long sightedness. Look for progressive pathways in treating eye diseases, look for MediPark Hospital, which is one of the best eye hospitals in Patna. We also provide medical management and surgical treatments for the retinal defects, eye infections or other eye diseases.

  • Hyper myopia or long sightedn
  • Myopia or shortsightedness
  • Astigmatism or cylindrical vision.
  • Eye disease & management: Ophthalmologists perform the same by a detailed examination of the retina by performing Ophthalmoscopy. Medical management and surgical treatments are offered for the following retinal defects, infections or diseases.
  • Diagnostic procedures
  • Standard Eye Exame
  • Slit-lamp examination.
  • Ultrasounds B scan

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