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The X-ray department of MediPark Hospital is always occupied with patients, which include both inpatients (from wards) and out-patients from different clinics. We carry out all the examinations by appointment only except for the ward patients. Though appointments may be delayed due to some unforeseen emergencies. The X-ray report is used to diagnose the injury or diseases using low doses of radiation.

An X-ray is the most common and favoured form of imaging procedure. Doctors use this procedure more than any other. Using X-rays, both still and two-dimensional image of bones, lungs or any other organ. X-rays can diagnose the conditions like fractured bones, bowel obstruction, pneumonia and foreign objects in the body. Sometimes when the soft tissues can’t be diagnosed with the X-ray, doctors go for other radiology imaging such as MRI, ultrasound.

The X-ray clinic at MediPark Hospital is well equipped with technical instruments and machines. To create the X-ray image, invisible beams of energy are made to pass the body. The rays are then passed through the area imaged and then transmitted to the detector, which then creates an image of the inside of the body part being examined.

The department has a modern waiting area, for the patients to wait in comfort when there is a rush. The multidisciplinary team working for the department is active in the ongoing clinical examinations and are trained in the area to ensure the best possible service is provided to all the patients. Our major objective is to provide the best service with compassionate care and at an affordable price.